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ZIK ZAK Long Pimples   DING YI Short Pimples
Belag schwarz Zik Zak Long Pimples mit Schatten

 35.- €

  Belag rot DingYi Short Pimples mit Schatten  39.- €  

Zik Zak-reacting is an elastic and non-slip flooring which cut extreme variations and yet allows good control of the ball. Counter top spin he scored more backspin, against backspin causes the setback a distinct and unpleasant zigzag trajectory of the ball.

The new flooring with its extremely long and grippy knobs is particularly suitable for the new ITTF plastic balls and distinguished by more ball control and ball feel.


With this new grip surface on impact much average, at Schupfen and in defense can be much backspin generated. Against Topspin the lining enables secure block defense, when shooting a very good ball control. The coating ensures excellent all-round characteristics and an excellent ball feel.

Ding Yi plays with short pimples since 1968. It has thus gained a lot of experience and achieved numerous successes. He was twice senior world champion in individual and Ü40 Ü50 and Senior European Champion Ü50. He took part in a total of four times the Olympic Games and reached here in Barcelona on the 5th Place.

On the basis of his knowledge and experience Ding Yi has a short shag developed with an elastic, soft sponge and a large knob surface. The covering is thus optimally adapted to the new ITTF plastic balls.


  Control: 80 / Speed: 30 / Spin: 10-100 / Interrupt Effekt: 100

  OX / 0.6 / 1.0 mm


  Control: 90 / Speed: 80 / Spin: 80

  OX / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 mm